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The i-Phi™ is the only hydrogen injection system on the market that has been proven effective in reducing fuel consumption by aspirating the correct amount of hydrogen along with oxygen into the engine air intake, mixing with the atmospheric air, resulting in enhanced combustion, reduced maintenance requirements, and all while helping to green the planet. These advancements have been noted by scientists, engineers, and fleet owners. Simply said, when the proper amount of hydrogen is introduced into your engine at the right moment, combustion is faster, more complete, and cleaner than it would be without hydrogen. Hydrogen is the purest combustible substance on earth. It is significantly more powerful and cleaner than diesel.



The versatility and scalability of the IHS i-Phi™ system are its distinguishing features. Hydrogen can be delivered on demand for a single application on an engine, several engine applications, or bigger engines. Multiple units can be installed for larger engine applications to generate the optimum hydrogen level for the engine to obtain maximum benefits.
Our engineers can apply the patented i-Phi™ technology to practically any internal combustion engine to save fuel and reduce emissions.



The i-Phi™ has a long history in the Heavy Goods Vehicle sector, and its unique thermal management technology has resulted in double digit fuel reductions in all climates.
In the case of diesel generator engines (Genset), the unit is adapted to the location to maintain the unit at the appropriate operating temperature (hot or cold) and to handle extended run times with specific water reservoirs and feed systems. To deal with the severe heat of an engine room, the device will have a unique cooling and water feed system for Marine diesel engines. In addition, all hoses, couplings, and fittings are engineered to fulfil international marine specifications.

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IHS has developed the safest, most efficient and realizable Hydrogen on Demand product line on the market. The i-Phi™ is easily adapted to any internal combustion engine.


Greater Fuel Efficiency

Small amounts of hydrogen injected into the air intake manifold causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly, resulting in a 15%+ reduction in fuel usage.


Improved Engine Performance

Your engine will operate smoother and more powerfully.


Fewer harmful emissions

15%+ less (CO2), 30%+ lower Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), 80%+ fewer particulates, 15%+ fewer Total Hydrocarbons (THC).


Reduced Maintenance

Increase the time between oil changes, DPF filter maintenance, and EGR filter maintenance, as well as minimize exhaust fluid usage, and extend engine life.

Experience the I-Phi™

Experience the I-Phi™

The most efficient, safe, dependable and profitable way to lower greenhouse gas emissions and return on capital investment.

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Experience the I-Phi™