i-Phi ™ Hydrogen Injection System

Under intensive scientific and technical development since 2005, the i-Phi ™ (innovative partial hydrogen injection) is the only hydrogen injection system on the market that has been proven effective in reducing fuel consumption though enhanced combustion, reducing maintenance requirements, all the while helping green the planet. Scientists, engineers and fleet owners have documented these improvements. Simply put, when the right amount of hydrogen is injected at the right time into your engine, the combustion is quicker, more complete and cleaner than without hydrogen. Hydrogen is the purest combustible substance on earth. It is far cleaner and more powerful than diesel.

The unique benefit of the IHS i-Phi ™ system is its flexibility and scalability. Units can provide hydrogen on demand for a single application on an engine, applications for multiple engines or for larger engines. For larger engine applications, multiple units can be installed to generate the appropriate hydrogen level for the engine to receive maximum benefits.

For each application, the i-Phi ™ system is designed to meet the particular needs of the customer. In the Transportation industry (Heavy Goods Vehicles, Buses and Heavy Equipment), a unique feature is a “Climate Package” to deal with changes in temperature that trucks experience as they drive from extreme climates (hot to cold, etc.). This heating and cooling system maintains the unit at the optimal operating temperature.

In the case of diesel generator engines (Genset), the unit is customized to the environment to maintain the unit at the optimal operating temperature (heat or cold) along with custom water reservoirs and feed systems to accommodate longer run times. For Marine diesel engines, the unit will include a custom cooling and water feed system to deal with the extreme heat of an engine room. In addition, the unit is designed to meet international marine specifications for all hoses, connections and fittings.

Where the Genset and Marine sectors have much larger engine displacements, the units can accommodate these larger engines by the installation of two (or more) units to proportionately meet higher engine displacement requirements. The configuration and installation of units may be customized to suit the desired application.

The applications that the IHS i-Phi ™ system can accommodate are summarized below. Simply contact us to determine which i-Phi ™ solution is best for you.

  • • Transportation
    • o Heavy Goods Vehicles
    • o Light Duty Vehicles
    • o Buses
    • o Locomotives
      •  Main Driver
      •  Head End Power
  • • Generator Sets
  • • Marine
  • • Heavy Construction & Mining Equipment
  • • HVAC & Other