About Us

Innovative Hydrogen was born of a dream

Joe Williams Sr. had a dream to develop a technology to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) on internal combustion engines. In 2004, he recruited a stellar pool of talent from the Hydrogen Combustion Enhancement industry and formed Innovative Hydrogen Solutions. The idea of working towards a world where our grandchildren can breathe fresh air was not a novel concept. What was novel was that the Innovative team was going to do something real to bring the dream closer to reality. This was, and still is the driving force behind everything the Innovative Hydrogen Solutions team does.

Being part of Innovative Hydrogen Solutions is not about careers; it’s about making a difference for future generations. It connects our entire team and ignites us with passion, spirit, and a desire to innovate. The fact that our product improves fuel economy and reduces the carbon foot print along with savings in maintenance cost and downtime helps our customers justify the expense of doing something good for the environment and for the future of our grandchildren’s grandchildren air quality. Companies, both small and large, benefit from our technology.

The i-phi ™ technology will work on any internal combustion engine. Historically, our primary customers have been large fleets in the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) market. We are now working with large end users in the bus, rail, marine and stationary generator market segments.

Our team is made up of engineers and scientists, not just sales people. From the first generation to the latest model of i-phi ™, Innovative Hydrogen Solutions has recruited the best and the brightest in the fields of engineering and science. We have saved tens of millions of dollars by working our problems out on paper before ever building a prototype. We applaud our staff of engineers and scientists for their great breakthroughs and innovation over the last 12 years. We continue to appreciate their great work and value their commitment to the Innovative Hydrogen Solutions legacy.

Our Strategic Partners give our customers the Edge. Innovative Hydrogen Solutions has strategically aligned itself with key partners to provide you the best in product consistency, installation and service.

Our final assembly follows Lean Manufacturing Processes ensuring product consistency and delivery that will provide you with consistent results while meeting your delivery and installation timelines.