Quantification,Validation And Certifications

IHS is committed to bring a product to the market that has passed the scrutiny of independent 3rd party testing. Results for the
i-phi ™ have exceeded all expectations.

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions is the only company in the industry with the scientific and technical proofs to capture a significant market share. There will only be one leader in the field and we can show that the technological leader will end up the sales leader through proven effectiveness.

WARDROP Engineering

Wardrop Engineering is an internationally recognized engineering consulting firm specializing in Aerospace and Nuclear industry sectors. On September 9, 2005, Wardrop Engineering validated "proof of concept" for the i-phi™.

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Clean Air Technologies

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions contracted Clean Air Technologies Inc. (CATI) (2005) to create an Environmental Technological Verification (ETV) Canada approved test program and to act as a third-party verification entity to ascertain any noticeable emission and/or fuel reductions associated with using the i-Phi™. A quick snapshot of the performance claims concluded by CATI, concerning the i-Phi™ system, are 30.96% fuel improvement on highway and 13.12% city driving

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University Of Auburn

PAVE at Auburn University is a research program at the National Center for Asphalt Technologys Pavement Test Track. In September 2010 they completed a SAE J1321 (TMC RP-1102) Type II Fuel Consumption Test on the i-Phi™ demonstrating significant results. The SAE J1321 Type II Fuel test is a carefully controlled weighted fuel test that is used to prove the fuel efficiencies on new technologies

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Global MRV

In the fall of 2010, Stewardship Ontario met with Innovative Hydrogen Solutions to discuss the impacts of installing the i-Phi™ system on recycling trucks (city driving). Global MRV would act as a third-party-verification entity to confirm any noticeable emission and or fuel reductions associated with using the i-Phi™ system. The resulting fuel reductions averaged 7.27 or 45% better than the 5% city-driving fuel guarantee.

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Green Print Assessment

In May, 2011 IHS contracted Jomini Environmental Inc. to conduct a cradle to grave analysis of the impact of the i-Phi™ system and the benefits that would accrue to the users through the generation of carbon offset credits (tCO2e). IHS is the only hydrogen company to secure this assessment and allow its customers to benefit from the maturing global carbon market.

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California Air Resources Board

In the summer of 2016, IHS contracted with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to conduct emission testing in order for the i-Phi™ system to be approved for sale under the State of California emission Regulations. An Executive Order from CARB was issued.

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